Desktop Sensors

Our USB sensors are based on an unrivaled experience in the fields of electro-optics, forensic quality processing algorithms and anti-fraud expertise.
Our offer –which includes fingerprint,multi-modal vein & print and contactless sensors–covers a wide range of applications:

  • Population registration or customer acquisition
  • Logical access control in various sectors:
  • Easy and secure payment:

MorphoSmart 1300 SERIES

The MorphoSmart1300 Series (or MSO 1300 Series)is a range of compact biometric USB devices.They use Morpho’s patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms, both acknowledged worldwide for their high levels of performance and their exceptional robustness. Morpho fingerprint technology is ranked #1 by NIST for accuracy.
The MorphoSmart1300 Series offers a reliable, ergonomic and cost-effective solution for enrollment, identity verification and user identification. Their match-on-device or match-on-card functions guarantee the faultless protection of information and the security of desktop applications.


  • All-in-one solution: superior performance Enrollment, Verification and Identification
  • FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant Feature Extractor & Matcher onboard
  • FBI PIV IQS certification and fake finger detection available
  • Extensive security features, including encryption and digital signature
  • Smartcard reader variants for Match-on-Card applications

SDK is available for integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms


TheMorphoSmart™ 300 Series (MSO 300 Series)is a family of robust and high quality optical sensors capable of:

  • high quality single fingerprint image acquisition
  • biometric template coding
  • fingerprint matching
  • As such, they cover a wide range of applications in commercial and governmental environments.


  • Excellent fingerprint capture (23*23 mm sensing area) and processing performances
  • All-in-one: integrates sensor + embedded feature extractor & matcher + internal user database
  • Multitask: suited for enrollment, authentication and identification
  • Large internal database capacity (up to 5000 users)
  • High accuracy
  • Patented Fake Finger Detection in option (MSO 301): Common Criteria certified by the BSI
  • Tailored for the registration of young or elderly people and manual laborers
  • FBI PIV IQS certification on the whole range
  • Multiple template & image formats (ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, Proprietary ; ISO 19794-4, WSQ compressed in option…)
  • Security features to protect the communication channel between host and device (integrity check, data encryption)
  • Smartcard reader in option for Match-On-Card on MSO 350 & 351 (FIPS 210 certified)

SDK is available for integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms


After more than 1 billion people recorded across the globe, OT-Morpho introduces a new breakthrough with the MorphoTop Slim, based on Thin Film Transistor(TFT) technology.


  • A standard software development kit (Morpho Live scan SDK)
  • An advanced software development kit:
  • MorphoBopwhich ensures high quality capture of fingerprint sequences:


MorphoTop has been specially designed for registration and verification where the use case requires 4 fingerprints simultaneously or rolled fingerprints capture, such as travel and identity documents, voting, social benefits or as a part of a booking station. For reinforced security, MorphoTop performs fake finger detection.


  • Best image quality on the market (certified by the FBI)
  • User-friendly, fast and reliable technology
  • Captures prints in < 2 seconds
  • LEDs to guide the user during scanning operations
  • Image quality validated in real time with LEDs
  • The terminal has a MTBF* in excess of 50,000 hours
  • Most functions are driven from the PC, giving the application integrator more flexibility
  • Power supplied entirely through a USB 2.0 cable MorphoTop

Printing performances

  • Single side: up to 215 cards/hour
  • Dual side (YMCKO-K): up to 110 cards/hour


Tracom Solutions presents multi modal device capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time. Ergonomic, intuitive and highly secured, the MorphoSmart™ FINGER VP DESKTOP unit is particularly suited to enrollment and desktop applications, such as logical access control, secure payment, ID control, etc.

A new era for biometrics

Universal and easy-to-adopt:successful enrollment is guaranteed -particularly for individuals who experience difficulties with mono-modal devices -with the same simplicity and ease of use as for fingerprints alone.

  • The Failure To Enroll (FTE) rate is greatly improved. Unparalleled accuracy:by reducing the probability of rejecting genuine individuals and accepting impostors, it gives an efficient response to both comfort and security concerns in any biometric application.
  • @FAR=10-4, FRR is 10 times lower than with the best of the 2 modalities. Resistance to spoofing:it combines the protection mechanisms intrinsic to each technology and also makes the most of the new characteristics resulting from the fusion


  • Fusion of two complementary biometrics
  • All-in-one: integrates sensor + embedded feature extractor & matcher + internal user database
  • Multitask: suited for enrollment, authentication and identification
  • Huge internal users database capacity: up to 50,000 users
  • FBI PIV IQS certification

SDK is available for integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms


Evolis signature pads have been designed to capture signatures quickly, effectively and securely. Handwritten signatures can be captured in a few seconds for many purposes: ID documents, document signing and validation. This reduces the amount of paper used, optimizes processes and improves your company’s brand image.

Reinforced security

  • The identity of the signatory: electronic signatures cannot be falsified and offer certainty about the identity of the signatory,
  • The integrity of the document from its signature: the electronically signed document cannot be altered. The signature is an integral part of the document and cannot be used for another document.

Optimized image and user experience

  • Validation of documents less laborious for the signatory,
  • Modernizes the image of your organization with the adoption of signature pads,
  • Reduces the ecological footprint of your workplace by eliminating printing for the document validation process.

EVOLIS High Trust Consumables

Various printing and lamination technologies are employed to personalize plastic cards. The Evolis High Trust® ribbon range has been developed to ensure each technology delivers the very best results.


PVC Cards

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